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Mission Statement
Elementary Programs, through an alliance of diverse resources, supports the school community by planning, developing, implementing and assessing quality educational services for the benefit of children.

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 5/28/2014 8:05 AM

Common Core for the Community

Brevard's Common Core Website


About Common Core Standards

Videos:  Common Core Presentation | Common Core Commentary

Still have Questions?  Post your questions here.

The short videos below provide great insight into the development and implementation of the Common core State Standards (CCSS) and can answer many of the questions parents and community members may have:

 Common Core Video Resources

Common Core State Standards: A New Foundation for Student Success: History of Standards, development
Conventions of Standard English Writing and Speaking: Asserts the importance of good grammar
Gathering Momentum for Algebra: Ramp building from kindergarten to Algebra in all domains
Helping Teachers Focus: Details that help teachers
High School Math Courses: Explanation of two reasons for a different approach to high school
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Elementary Instructional Materials.pdfElementary Instructional Materials
Student Progression Plan.pdfStudent Progression Plan
2013-14  District-Level Assessments.pdf2013-14 District-Level Assessments
Elementary Instructional Program Guide.pdfElementary Instructional Program Guide
2012-13 K-12 Reading Plan - Elementary.pdf2012-13 K-12 Reading Plan - Elementary
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Brevard Virtual Instruction Program
Division of Curriculum & Instruction
Elementary Gifted Student Program
Elementary Student Handbook
High School Programs
Lead with Literacy
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