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Physical Education Testing

FitnessGram 8.4:  This assessment is given in grades 4 -12.

The test that was chosen as part of Brevard County's Accountability Plan for Physical Education is the Fitness Gram. This choice was based on a committee's recommendation after receiving input from experts around the country in fitness testing. The FitnessGram assesses three components of physical fitness which have been identified as being important because of their relationship to overall health and optimal function. They are:

Aerobic Capacity - two options

  1. Pacer - 20 meter shuttle run.
  2. One mile walk/run.

Muscle Strength, Endurance and Flexibility:

  • Abdominal Strength.
  • Must select - Curl-up test.
  • Upper body strength - must select one:
    • Push-up.
    • Modified pull-up.
    • Pull-up.
    • Flexed arm hang.

 Body Composition - two options

  1. Percent of body fat - calculated from triceps and calf muscle.
  2. Body mass index - height and weight.

Trunk Extensor Strength & Flexibility:

  • Must select - Trunk lift.

Flexibility - must select one:

  • Back-saver-sit and reach.
  • Shoulder stretch.
You will be testing in six areas.

The Philosophy of the FitnessGram is:

  • Fitness is for a lifetime.
  • Fitness is for everyone.
  • Fitness is fun and enjoyable.

Our long term objective is to develop students who are regularly active, able to self-assess their fitness levels, interpret assessment results, plan personal programs and motivate themselves to adhere to the program.

The goal of the FitnessGram is to recognize all children who are physically active and who are able to achieve scores in the Healthy Fitness Zone. A FitnessGram report card is available to be sent home to parents of each child taking the test.

The FitnessGram is criterion referenced. Standards have been established to represent a level of fitness that offers some degree of protection against diseases which result from sedentary living.

Some of the recognition systems available with the FitnessGram are:

  • Across the Country Training - participants plot a path across the country. Miles are earned by performing physical activity.
  • Fit for the Holidays - goal of this event is to encourage physical activity for stress relief, weight management and enjoyment during the holiday seasons.
  • Fitness Football - the goal of this event is to encourage participants to work with a partner or group to perform physical activity. Yards are achieved by being physically active.
  • Link Together Day - the objective of this program is to allow participants to learn the beneficial effects of walking as an exercise.