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The district adopted mathematics program for grades K-5 is Scott-Foresman-Addison Wesley enVisionMath (Florida © 2015). This program is organized into 16 topics (chapters) that provide in-depth instruction. A variety of assessment opportunities for ongoing progress monitoring and intervention are provided.

For more information visit the enVisionMath website.

The district adopted mathematics program for grade 6 is Big Ideas Learning, LLC, Bid Ideas Math Advanced 1 (Florida © 2015). This program is organized into 15 chapters and the content is arranged to provide depth and cohesiveness.  A variety of assessments opportunities are offered throughout the program.

For more information visit the Big Ideas Math website. 

Both programs are aligned with our state adopted standards - Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS).  They are also research-based and designed to engage students in problem solving activities that enable them to build deep understanding of the mathematical concepts and ideas. Activities and lessons that support differentiated instruction and RtI (Response to Intervention) are offered in within these programs.

 Mathematics Handbooks (including pacing & sequencing charts)

(0) Kindergarten Math Handbook.pdf(0) Kindergarten Math Handbook
(1) First Grade Math Handbook.pdf(1) First Grade Math Handbook
(2) Second Grade Math Handbook.pdf(2) Second Grade Math Handbook
(3)Third Grade Handbook.pdf(3)Third Grade Handbook
(4) Fourth Grade Handbook.pdf(4) Fourth Grade Handbook
(5) Fifth Grade Handbook.pdf(5) Fifth Grade Handbook
(6) Sixth Grade Handbook.pdf(6) Sixth Grade Handbook


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Mathematics Contact:
Diane Gard
Elementary Mathematics Resource Teacher
321.633.1000 x274