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Elementary Staff

In Elementary Leading & Learning we believe that learning begins at birth and is a lifelong process. Learning takes place in many ways. Education is a partnership among students, parents, communities and educators. A safe, healthful environment promotes learning. Educational opportunities and programs should be provided in an equitable manner. Prudent use of all educational resources (i.e., funds, people, time) is essential. The processes and procedures we utilize take into account the needs of the individuals we serve.

 Elementary Programs

 Early Childhood

Title I

Elementary Leading & Learning

Elementary Programs

Tara Harris, Director
321.633.1000 x330

Terri Harmon, Administrative Secretary
321.633.1000 x330

Jennifer Cockrell, Language Arts K-6
321.633.1000 x346

Diane Gard, Mathematics K-6
321.633.1000 x274

Christina Uttlinger, Social Studies K-6
321.633.1000 x343

Courtney Nobili, Writing K-6
321.633.1000 x378

Patricia (Trish) Ely, Media K-12
321.633.1000 x337

Michelle Ferro, Science K-6
321.633.1000 x329

Debbie Wood, Elementary Literacy Facilitator
321.633.1000 x342

Amanda Howell, Gifted
321.633.1000 x375


Early Childhood

  Marilyn Sylvester, Director
321.633.1000 x340

Beth Mills, Ed.D., VPK/Early Childhood Coordinator
321.633.1000 x362

Anne Cremeans, Administrative Secretary
321.633.1000 x340

Priscilla DeNino, Early Childhood Resource Teacher
321.633.1000 x323

Joy Palatucci, VPK Accounting Specialist
321.633.1000 x319

Elizabeth (Beth) Lawton, PreK Resource Teacher
321.633.1000 x344

Elizabeth (Liz) Richards, Early Childhood Instructional Coach
321.633.1000 x379



Title I

 Teresa Wright Ed.D., Director
321.633.1000 x350

Dan Keane, Title I Project Coordinator
321.633.1000 x354

Lean Farnam, Administrative Secretary
321.633.1000 x350

Candi Polhill, Title I Resource Teacher
321.633.1000 x355

Joann (Jody) Hall, Title I Resource Teacher
321.633.1000 x353

Gevonne Blum, Title I Family Engagement Resource Teacher
321.633.1000 x336

Sandra Davis, Literacy Trainer
321.633.1000 x232

Dr. Jacqueline Fraser, Literacy Trainer
321.633.1000 x356

Janet Stephenson, DA/School Improvement
321.633.1000 x328

Rita Hays, Instructional Coach
321.633.1000 x574

Anne Skinner, Instructional Coach
321.633.1000 x538


Dr. Carol Mela, Director 
321.633.1000 x542

Shelly Dickinson, MTSS Trainer
321.633.1000 x448

Kimberly Matthews, MTSS Trainer
321.633.1000 x358

Head Start

Debra (DJ) Crannell, Director
321.633.1000 x397