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Strategy Notebook

Strategies and Activities encompassing the five areas of reading


In 2006 – 2007, a team of Reading Coaches from Brevard County compiled a collection of scientifically-based reading researched strategies and activities.  This collection has these strategies and activities organized under the five pillars of reading as described by the National Reading Panel; Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.

  • Phoenemic Awareness - To develop an awareness that words are composed of individual sounds, or phonemes, as well as to develop the ability to manipulate sounds in words.
  • Phonics - The study of the relationship between letters and the sounds they represent.
  • Fluency - The ability to read text quickly, accurately and with proper expression.  Fluency is the bridge between word recognition and comprehension.
  • Vocabulary - Refers to the meanings and pronunciation of words necessary for communication.
  • Comprehension - The ability to understand and make meaning from spoken and written language.  Comprehension is the ultimate goal in learning to read.

The strategies and activities in this collection are for use during initial instruction, differentiated small group instruction and immediate intensive instruction.

The individual strategy/activity pages specify what grade level, standards and lesson focus the strategy/activity is appropriate for.  In addition, the differentiation section of this template gives.

Using the Strategy Notebook

The table of contents in this student notebook has links to individual documents for each strategy.

In order to open a given strategy, simply select it (by clicking on the underlined entry) from the table of contents and the appropriate document will automatically open.

 Phonemic Awareness

Bunny Hop.pdfBunny Hop
Draw a Rhyme.pdfDraw a Rhyme
Draw It.pdfDraw It
Egg-Cited About Phonemes.pdfEgg-Cited About Phonemes
Elkonin Boxes.pdfElkonin Boxes
Hinky Pinky.pdfHinky Pinky
I Spy.pdfI Spy
Listen Carefully.pdfListen Carefully
Simon Says.pdfSimon Says
Sound Isolation.pdfSound Isolation
Sound Matching.pdfSound Matching
Sound Monster.pdfSound Monster
Sound Substitution.pdfSound Substitution
Stomping, Clapping, Tapping.pdfStomping, Clapping, Tapping
Think Sounds.pdfThink Sounds
Thumbs Up.pdfThumbs Up
Say It Again.pdfSay It Again


Bean Bag Toss.pdfBean Bag Toss
Changing a Hen to a Fox.pdfChanging a Hen to a Fox
Closed Syllables.pdfClosed Syllables
Consonant Digraphs.pdfConsonant Digraphs
Creating Nonsense Words.pdfCreating Nonsense Words
Guess the Covered Word.pdfGuess the Covered Word
Hinky Pinky.pdfHinky Pinky
Letter Inserts.pdfLetter Inserts
Letter Tic Tac Toe.pdfLetter Tic Tac Toe
Long Vowels (ea, ee).pdfLong Vowels (ea, ee)
Name Wall.pdfName Wall
Open Syllables.pdfOpen Syllables
Pin the Tail on the Alphabet.pdfPin the Tail on the Alphabet
Say a Word.pdfSay a Word
Say it Again.pdfSay it Again
Silent Letters.pdfSilent Letters
Silly Rhymes.pdfSilly Rhymes
Small, Tall or Tail.pdfSmall, Tall or Tail
Spin It.pdfSpin It
Word Ladder.pdfWord Ladder


Choral Reading.pdfChoral Reading
Directed Listening Thinking Activity.pdfDirected Listening Thinking Activity
Echo Reading.pdfEcho Reading
Radio Reading.pdfRadio Reading
Rapid Retrieval.pdfRapid Retrieval
Read to Discover.pdfRead to Discover
Readers' Theater.pdfReaders' Theater
Repeated Reading.pdfRepeated Reading
Say It Like the Character.pdfSay It Like the Character
Shared Reading Experience.pdfShared Reading Experience


Alike but Different.pdfAlike but Different
Collecting Words.pdfCollecting Words
Intermediate Word Walls.pdfIntermediate Word Walls
Knowledge Chart.pdfKnowledge Chart
Meaning for High Frequency Words.pdfMeaning for High Frequency Words
Mind Reader.pdfMind Reader
Possible Sentences.pdfPossible Sentences
Semantic Feature Analysis.pdfSemantic Feature Analysis
Sorting and Categorzing.pdfSorting and Categorzing
Visual Defintions.pdfVisual Defintions
Vocab Concept Map.pdfVocab Concept Map
Vocab Questioning.pdfVocab Questioning
Vocab Tic Tac Toe.pdfVocab Tic Tac Toe
Word Ladder 2.pdfWord Ladder 2
Wordwall Yahtzee.pdfWordwall Yahtzee


ABCs of Comparing and Contrasting.pdfABCs of Comparing and Contrasting
Anticipation Guide.pdfAnticipation Guide
Author's Craft.pdfAuthor's Craft
Book in a Day.pdfBook in a Day
Book Pass.pdfBook Pass
Content Brainstorming.pdfContent Brainstorming
FCAT Questions.pdfFCAT Questions
It Says- I Say.pdfIt Says- I Say
Learning Log.pdfLearning Log
Making Connnections.pdfMaking Connnections
Map Maker.pdfMap Maker
Most Important Word.pdfMost Important Word
One Sentence Summary.pdfOne Sentence Summary
Probable Passage.pdfProbable Passage
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